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Helper CSS Classes

Apply a custom helper CSS class listed below in block editor, in page builder, or directly in HTML code.

Text & typography | Layout | Widgets | Decorations

Text & typography classes

h1, h2, h3, h4

Styles the text the way H1, H2, H3 and H4 headings are styled.


Styles the heading the way widget title is styled.


Apply on any element. Forces text alignment.


Transforms elements text to uppercase letters.


Sets element’s font size.
Possible SIZE values: extra-small, small, smaller, regular, large, extra-large, huge


Applies specific font weight on an element.


Applies specific font style on an element.


Sets element’s line height.
Possible SIZE values: 1, extra-small, small, regular

Layout classes


Sets the minimum height of the element as a portion of browser window height (50%, 61.8%, 100%). Best applied on full width Cover block, for example.


Apply on Cover or Group block to make the block content wider.


Sets element’s padding (1.618em, 0). Can be applied on Column block to force a specific column padding.


Sets element’s padding size.
Possible SIZE values: extra-small, small, regular, large, extra-large

has-no-padding, has-no- padding -left/right/top/bottom/vertical/horizontal

Removes any paddingfrom an element.


Applies theme’s default bottom margin on the element.

has-no-margin, has-no-margin-left/right/top/bottom/vertical/horizontal

Removes any margin from an element.

Widget classes


As the theme uses CSS flexbox layout in its horizontal widgetized areas you can control the width of widgets displayed there with these classes.
For setting up a widget CSS class we recommend using Widget CSS Classes plugin (the theme integrates the classes to the plugin’s interface automatically for your convenience and ease of use).

Decorative classes


Apply on Image, Media & Text or Gallery block to decorate images with border overlay.


Apply on column block to decorate the column with a shaded background and padding.